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  Road Maps. The Autonomous Communities of Spain and regions of Portugal

Scale 1:250 000

This series includes complete coverage of different Autonomous Communities in Spain at the same scale, 1:250 000, which brings complete homogeneity to the maps of all the territories represented.

The information on the maps includes the road network with the functional characterñistics, numbering, distances in kilometres and the other information of interest to the user: places of natural interest, monuments, national parks, etc.



Published titles:

1. Galicia
2. Asturias - Cantabria
3. Castilla y León – Comunidad de Madrid
4. Euskadi - Navarra - La Rioja
5. Aragón
6. Catalunya
7. Castilla-La Mancha - Comunidad de Madrid
8. Comunitat/Comunidad Valenciana
9. Extremadura
10. Murcia
11. Andalucía Occidental
12. Andalucía Oriental
13. Comunidad de Madrid (1:200 000)
14. Islas Baleares/Illes Balears**
15. Islas Canarias**
16. Portugal Norte**
17. Portugal Centro**
18. Portugal Sur**
19. Catalunya comarcal

    Legend in seven languages: catalan, castilian, english, french, german, ialian and portuguese.
** Coming soon