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· Catalunya. Big Road Atlas
· CAT. Throughout Catalonia and Andorra

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  Catalunya. Big Road Atlas


The Gran Atles de Carreteres de Catalunya (1:50 000) is the most complete and detailed atlas of Catalonia ever published. The conception of the work, the detail in the execution, the technical precision and the extraordinary volume of information contained make it a worldwide work of reference.


Technical characteristics:

Continuity of cartographic representation in all the atlas with a unit of reading for each double page between the sheets.

• 202 pages of cartography of big detail
• Road Network, tracks, paths, network GR, railways, ports…
• Urban Cores, urbanisations, industrial polygons, uses of the soil
• Tourist and cultural Information: 5.000 pictograms
• General and municipal Index. Official toponymy
• 55.000 toponyms / 5.300 entities of population



Multilingual edition: Catalan, Castilian, English, French, German and Italian.



Format: 29 x 39 cm

  CAT. Throughout Catalonia and Andorra
Escala 1:200 000


Road atlas and great guide of Catalonia. Given its high quality and large quantity of information, CAT intends to become a main reference. Never before a work on this handy format contained so much information about Catalonia and Andorra.

60 pages of maps:

· 30 pages of road maps
· Enlargement of the Barcelona area
· Map of the ring roads of Barcelona
· Maps of local districts and basic local regions information
· Maps of the 41 capitals of local districts


The most complete guide:

• Catalonia and Andorra in 10 routes by car
• Barcelona in 8 walking stages
• 300 villages, monuments and natural
areas in detail
• 1 200 hotels, spas and lodgings
• 1 200 camping and tourist country houses
• 1 800 restaurants

Most important services and equipments
• Hospitals
• Airports and leisure seaports
• Golf courses and ski resorts
• Theme parks and water parks
• Museums and main festivals

Place-names Index for the Map and Guide

    Language of publication: catalan.
    Format: 23 x28,5 cm
Pages: 300

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